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Specialised dual-channel CHIRP transducers that incorporate a conical beam for fish targeting and an ultra wide fan shaped beam for photo-like DownVision sonar images.

CPT-S Plastic Conical HIGH CHIRP In-Hull Transducer, 0/12/20� fitting option

SKU: A80691
  • Material Urethane
    Max Depth (Ft) 600
    Frequency (KHz) High CHIRP 170 � 230 kHz
    More specifications
    Beam Width 25�
    Records Depth
    Hull Material Solid, non-cored fiberglass hull
    Cable Length (Ft/M) 25 / 7.5
    Deadrise Angles 0, 12, 20�
    Direct connection to Element S. Compatible with Element HV using the A80559 adaptor. Direct connection to Axiom 7 DV. Use the A80490 adaptor for connection to Axiom RV and Axiom+ RV. Use the A80490 adaptor for connection to Axiom Pro S, Axiom Pro RVX and the RVX1000. Direct connection to DownVision variants of aSeries, eS Series, and CP100 Sonar modules
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