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Simple and hi-performance, dual frequency with all-in-one design

  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • 10.4-inch sunlight viewable display
  • Two models; standard and high sensitivity
  • Multi-language; English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc.
  • Store and recall favorite fishing hotspots
  • Combination of zoom ranges
  • Auto function; gain, shift and range

Echo sounder JFC-800

SKU: JFC-800
    • 10.4-inch sunlight viewable display
    • Advanced digital signal processing
    • Dual frequency 50/200 kHz
    • External monitor output
    • NMEA data in/output
    • Different sounds for fish or school of fish
    • Up to 10 images stored in internal memory
    • Displays approximate fish size
    • Automatic gain, shift and range
    • Stores favorite fishing hotspots
  • The echo sounder is available in two models. The JFC-800 is the standard model and includes a cost effective transducer. The JFC-810 features a higher sensitivity transducer. The preferred transducer depends on target fish, fishing method, fishing area and usage. ?Stores favorite fishing hotspots

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