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The A200 Class A is both SOLAS and Inland Waterway certified and offers superior performance through its advanced, next-gen technology. The A200 has been engineered for even the harshest marine environments, undergoing extensive testing by independent experts to ensure it is waterproof and unaffected by extreme temperatures, shock and vibration so you don't need to worry about reliability issues impacting performance or longevity.

The A200 is easy to install and will seamlessly connect to your ECDIS and other bridge systems. The A200 delivers comprehensive AIS functionality, such as alerts, target filters, vessel information lists, real time weather and more.

With its integrated colour display, the A200 plays an important role in tracking, collision avoidance and CPA when vessels are in busy port areas. The combination of advanced performance, trusted reliability and competitive price make the A200 the best value AIS Class A in the market by far.


    • IMO SOLAS Certified AIS Class A
    • EU Inland Waterway Certified
    • Ruggedized and impervious to extreme environments � water (IPx6 & IPx7), damp, shock, vibration, temperatures
    • High performance next generation GPS
    • Suitable internal or permanent external installation
    • Robust ergonomic button and rotary-knob user interfaces with configurable multi-lingual menu options
    • Integrated colour display with night mode
    • ENC chart (C-MAP) with configurable AIS target overlay
    • Silent mode � AIS transmissions  are stopped � all messages continue to be received
    • Integrated high performance WiFi
    • Pilot plug cable and Junction Box accessory options
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