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In line with the revised Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) performance standards which came into force on 1 July 2014, JRC welcomes or as we say in Japan, y?koso, to our fourth generation VDR model, the JCY-1900. Having been involved in VDR development from the very beginning in 2001, this latest revision in the performance standards has allowed JRC to re-think, develop and design its latest model with the standard attention to detail for performance, reliability and long term competitive cost of ownership.


SKU: JCY-1900
    • Equipped with two types of capsule of fixed and float free type
    • Recording of 48 hours in both capsule of fixed and float free type
    • Recording of 30 days / 720 hours of recording control unit built-in media
    • Image recording of two radar, one ECDIS
    • Recording of AIS information
    • Audio recording of the minimum 2ch in main microphone and audio recording of independent minimum 1ch in the external wing microphone.
    • Recording independent of the microphone sound of the VHF call voice
    • Recording of the electronic logbook, electronic inclinometer, Thruster and BAMS information*1

    *1:Only when it is mounted on a ship.

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