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The NDC-5 is more than just an NMEA 0183 Combiner/ Multiplexer; it provides an installer with a highly flexible platform that can be used to solve many NMEA 0183 interconnectivity headaches.


Powerful routing allows any of the inputs to be routed to any output, combining data if required. Advanced features allow data rate conversion, auto-switching and advanced sentence-based routing and blocking.

NDC-5 NMEA Multiplexer

    • 5 OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 inputs
    • 2 ISO-Drive NMEA 0183 outputs
    • Dedicated bi-directional Serial port (fully isolated utiising ISO-Drive technology)
    • Serial port can be used as additional input / output
    • Ethernet port supports direct and network connection
    • Configurable input and output baud rates
    • Allows Data combining and rate conversion
    • 2 independent Autoswitch virtual inputs with priority
    • Isolation to battery supply
    • Diagnostic LED�s
    • IP65 rated Polycarbonate housing
    • Optional DIN rail mount


    • Ethernet port � for configuration and diagnostics. Sharing NMEA 0183 data will be added in a future firmware update
    • 6 OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 inputs (including the serial port)
    • 3 ISO-Drive NMEA 0183 outputs (including serial port)
    • Advanced Data Filtering/Routing
    • Configurable Input and output baud rates
    • Autoswitch mode available to offer system redundancy
    • Safe connection to USB with the �USBKIT-REG�  while powered via battery (not available with NDC-4)
    • Serial port � for configuration, diagnostics or as an additional NMEA 0183 input/output
    • Free firmware updates make the device future-proof
    • Power LED to indicate operational state
    • Rx LED to indicate data on inputs
    • Status LED (bi-colour) to indicate output Data Overload or a range of other states
    • DIN rail or Panel mountable
    • Pluggable screw terminal connectors for quick and easy installation
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